Crowningtek Inc. [cti] was founded in 2004, who is the only one manufacturing mask blank in Taiwan.

Our main products are the key component for semiconductor, LCD, PCB, LED, and many others in the lithography process. All recent micro patterning need copy original designed circuits on mask to specific substrates in various applications ranging from hundreds of micrometer to nanometer scales. With the state-of-art cleaning, sputtering and resist coating techniques accumulated for over a decade, we can provide high quality mask blanks in highly process consistency that has won continuously purchase order from US, Europe, and east Asia customers.

Since lots of mobile devices popular in everywhere, micro pattering techniques have been developed ever other than lithography technique, such as laser direct writing, nanoimprint, high precision printing, and others 3D manufacturing. Micro manufacturing is a key enabler for the production of advanced sensors and actuators used in such applications as IoT, wearables, autonomous vehicles, robotics, digital health, precision agriculture, smart home, environmental monitoring, and many others. Therefore, Cti has being developed patterning techniques as below;

■ Patterned masks for MEMS
■ Blank using black matrix.
■ Patterned thick resist for electro-plating
■ AF coating techniques for mask and glass mold applications.