Mask Blank

Maximum size of mask blank is 800x960mm with various typical mask sizes and glass materials.

Micro Patterning Products

Since mobile devices prevail everywhere, micro pattering techniques have been developed ever other than lithography technique, such as laser direct writing, nanoimprint, high precision printing, and others 3D manufacturing.

Glass Works

With over a decade experience producing blanks, glass works capability is the key to have the best competitiveness of mask blanks.

AS Coating for Mask

Major disadvantage of proximity and contact printing masks are contamination after several times exposures which results resolution degraded ad yield low.

Satisfaction by customer, continuous improvement, quality quarantine

quality, integrity, and innovation

Our main products are the key component for semiconductor, LCD, PCB, LED, and many others in the lithography process. All recent micro patterning need copy original designed circuits on mask to specific substrates in various applications ranging from hundreds of micrometer to nanometer scales.