• glass mold can be used as stamper for patterning flexible substrate, microlens array, and contact lens printing. Since its direct patterning, it save conventional lithographic an etching processes but with enough resolution of CD control. Comparing to electroplating, glass mold can do the same thing except the depth can not be too deep.
  • specifications: CD >10um, depth uniformity <+/-0.5um, and release property can be improved by AF(anti-finger) coating with hydrophobic property.


  1. glass hardness is over HRC65 or Moss level 6, which is harder than stainless steel. Surface scratch resistance can be over H7.
  2. surface roughness (Ra) can be less than 0.01um after polishing which is far better than stainless steel substrate.
  3. hydrophilic surface, which is allowed working with water base inks, can be kept clean after multiple printings.
  4. long life which is harder than metal surface.